Welcome to The Costume Store

Here you will find a wide range of hard-to-find costume accessories for sale. A few clicks of the mouse will take you to a three button vest, a pair of purple braces or an 18th century shirt. We've built up a comprehensive stock and these days many items are specially commissioned as they are impossible to find elsewhere. We've added two departments - Eyewear and Jewellery - so you can quickly find those period specs and pocket watches.

We know how stressful working in costume can be and we hope that our wide range of goods on one website will make life easier for you. We're happy to sell our goods to customers not involved in costume but we do require minimum order of £10.00 (excluding shipping and VAT).

Click on the New Items button to find the latest offerings and click on the Final Curtain button to find some excellent buys which are end of lines and unrepeatable stock items.

Our aims

Our stock has expanded as we continue to source and, more frequently these days, commission items which are virtually impossible to find elsewhere. We want to support British manufacturing first and foremost but we do sometimes have to look abroad. Many items have been suggested by you - we do listen to our customers! Please use the comments page on the website to suggest new items. If we think that they will be a good addition to stock, we'll try and track them down.

Our stock

We aim to keep the website up to date with what is available and to ensure that the photos reflect our current stock. But in some cases we cannot guarantee repeat supplies. Colours may also vary from the colours which appear on the website. If the detail is vital, we suggest that you telephone (01273 479727) to double check before you order.

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